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Posted on05/18/2018 by

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a very famous anabolic steroid, this product is very popular among the athletes thanks to its many beneficial effects and is frequently used. It was invented in 1964 by an initiative called Sear Laboratories. This product gives excellent results in the gym.


Due to its anabolic structure, it is not intended to increase body mass or to gain volume. If you use it then it will not give you big gains in muscle gain, but it will produce strong muscle tissues. The greatest benefit is to maintain muscles and metabolic activity. Because it transforms muscle tissues into strong and strong muscle tissues, it helps a great deal of metabolic activity, which in turn will increase the speed at which body fat can be used for body fat energy.


The effects of Anavar in women are very good. It actually gives women more advantages when compared to men. That's why women are more sensitive to hormones than men. Most women use them as a fat burner that gives them little weight without pain and hunger without too much side effects and at the same time gives the body and muscles a good look. This is also the most popular choice for women. Therefore, the Mother is referred to as "Girl Steroid".


Side effects occur when you take them for a very long time and more. The main disadvantage of the Anavar is that it is very expensive with the presence of the black market, but it is not so sure from the quality of the purchased monads. DHT and side effects such as hair loss and acne can occur. However, genetically it is hair loss in men with this hair loss disease. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels may be present, but there are no genetically transmitted diseases for those who only have a healthy lifestyle. Because of the anabar nature of the Anavar, the effects of water retention and gynecomastin out of the equation have emerged.

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