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Proviron is a medicinal product of Mesterolone, which is used as androgenic support in the field of body development. It is sold in pharmacies and there are many opposite opinions about it.
Mesterolone DHT is a derivative and it is intended to increase testosterone on DHT. Proviron does not have to be strong, but it does provide this task, but HPTA is also a negative influence. The use of AIs and SERMs in body development has been widespread before the use of AIs and SERMs has begun, and as these drugs are in cures, their use in both cures has decreased and the effects of the drug have begun to be questioned further. However, according to some writings on the internet, I can not find the scientific basis for it, it is said that the effects are more visible in people who have higher estrogen sensitivity.


Contrary to what you know, there is no contribution to water management, but there is also a pseudo-effect similar to that of water pumping. Just like Winstrol, which we used to have the effect called "hardening", it gives us even if it is not as strong as Winstrol. Another thing that is noticed in users is the increase in libid. This is also related to the fact that DHT is a derivative steroid. It does not cause a toxic effect on the liver. ProViTi medicine is used as a treatment for hypogonadism in the world and when the man does not produce enough sex hormones in his body.



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