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Ty*** ****ll
100% legitimate gear. Works just as expected.
Ty*** ****ll
Products seem to work as expected. Super fast shipping and received my order within 5 days. Works as good as other, more expensive brands.
ro**** *****ty
4 weeks on and starting to get very lean. Clean product and will order more.
Ma*** ****er
Shipping took a bit longer than expected, but the product was 100% original - thank you!
Ty*** ****ll
This brand is Test seems to be working great so far . I’m most impressed with the shipping of products though. I received package within 5 days of being shipped.
Great products
Ja*** ******sa
they did a really great job and fast shipping. they're my new go-to site.
Jo** ****ht
Product is good, tablets are a but soft making them hard to split but overall I have been happy with the odin stuff I've purchased from Steriodforce
ro**** *****ty
Seamless process and always responsive and quick to correct any delays and keep information flowing regarding updates
Fr*** *****ia
Excellent productAll the products are excellent customer service not so great at times and delivery speed not good at all
Fr*** *****ia
Excellent product never had any issues with any of the products customer service at times could not be so good in their delivery times are not good at all
Ja*** *********ff
After waiting two weeks for xeno test I contacted customer service to find out the hold up and they said it was out of stock and they wanted to ship the Odin test and I said that was fine and asked them to ship it ASAP, they did shipped it that same day and had it in 3 days
Br*** ******ir
Xeno lab's Stanzolol is pretty potent. I immediately noticed the dryness within a week and definitely started leaning out, just in time for the summer heat!.
ja*** ****on
Ma***** ***oy
excellent products and selection. very fast delivery
Da* ****on
Product arrived quick, works well.
hu***** ***er
best products and customer service ever. u guys have a phenomenal team of genuine people
Ru***** *****an
Great test. No PIP and great gains. Highly recommended.
Ro**** *******nd
Great still l stuff
Ca**** *****ca
Quick to ship. Good genuine product. Will def be back for more
Jo* ****le
Great product..shipped very fast and authentic! This company is fantastic!!




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